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NAL Media and Black Visionaries Partner to Create A Series of In-Person and Virtual Events

NAL Media and Black Visionaries Partner to Create A Series of In-Person and Virtual Events for Underrepresented Professionals in Media

July 6, 2022

BROOKLYN, NY – NAL Media (Brij) and Black Visionaries are partnering to create a series of workshops and events to continue their effort in providing resources and opportunities for underrepresented creative professionals in the media industry.

Last month, NAL Media launched Brij– a mentorship matching app for underrepresented creatives to network. Following the launch, NAL and Black Visionaries– a community created for thought leaders, advocates, and multi-hyphenate professionals across industries – agreed on a partnership as both companies share a vision to uplift underrepresented communities.

Black Visionaries serves as a platform to provide Black professionals across all industries with opportunities to network, resources for career/business advancement, and professional development. In addition to hosting/spreading awareness of in-person events, the brand leverages social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram, to provide career advice and resources to its followers and viewers in an engaging and relevant way. Similarly, Brij uses a “swipe left, swipe right” matching system (think: Tinder or Hinge, but for mentorship) for creative professionals to find their perfect mentor and/or mentee in an easy and fun way.

“We’re excited to launch our Summer speaker series starting Wednesday, July 27, and continuing throughout the summer season on the fourth Wednesday of [each] month. In partnership with Black Visionaries, we will cover topics such as branding yourself as a creative professional, crafting your career roadmap, and how to amplify your side hustle,” shared NAL Media CEO and Founder Naomi Lilly via a weekly newsletter.

The first workshop of the series, “Branding Yourself As a Creative Professional,” will be held virtually on Wednesday, July 27th at 7 pm EST. To register for the event, click here.

About NAL Media and Brij

NAL Media is empowering communities by empowering creatives. With a mission to empower marginalized communities within media, We are rebuilding the media industry as we know it, by democratizing pathways to success for marginalized creatives. NAL is the parent company of Brij– a mentorship matching app for underrepresented creative professionals to connect, now available for iOS.

For more information, visit and follow @brijapp on Instagram and Twitter.

About Black Visionaries

Black Visionaries is an organization that prides itself on creating opportunities for Black professionals at varying stages of their careers. Whether a “student of life” trying to get their foot in the door or a career veteran, the brand aims to support every type of professional. Resources created to address topics such as how to kick-start or amplify your side hustle, sharing industry-specific news, and ways to navigate corporate culture as Black talent. In addition to their digital presence, Black Visionaries curates in-person experiences, allowing professionals to encounter new people and develop partnerships of their own. The brand also, partners with existing companies, on events with the goal of spreading awareness to their community.

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