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So you've signed up for Brij, what's next?

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Brij - August 2022 User Study

Since the launch of the Brij App, we've had the chance to conduct focus groups with our users to understand how they're using the app and how we can improve. Our key takeaways are as follows:

"Brij fills a very unique need that my audience across the board needs. Creatives, entrepreneurs, and change-makers need mentors & community the most. I use the app and often text friends about the people I think they should try to match with on there."

Areas where we’re doing well:

  • People generally show an interest and desire to tell others about the app. People are actively using Brij and enjoying the opportunity and prospect of building a larger network in the media industry.

  • People seem to be satisfied with the app’s functionality and the way everything presents itself from an accessibility standpoint. We were heavily focused on accessibility and how our UI/UX lends to a user-friendly experience. We're happy that we're hitting the bar here.

Areas where we can improve:

  • The app’s matching space is not something customer’s currently enjoy. Largely because people aren’t making matches, or don't know that they've made a match. Because this is the bread and butter of the platform, we're focused on making this experience more seamless. Simultaneously, we will be focused on rolling out our forum space so users have a place to connect outside of the matching space.

  • People want to see more personalization with the matching process. Our users want the ability to send messages to potential matches and view people that are interested in matching with them, versus a match being dependent on both users swiping right.

Next Steps:

  • [ ] Focus on integration of app notifications for matches and messages

  • [ ] Focus on addition of closed groups

  • [ ] Create and rollout forum space

  • [ ] Develop “see who liked you” capabilities

  • [ ] Integrate the opportunity to send a message with a match

See the full study below:

Brij User Study (August 2022)
Download PDF • 11.61MB

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